Skye Basecamp is owned by Skye Guides who offer climbing guides all year round

For full details please head to the Skye Guides Website

Established in 1995, Skye Guides has a reputation for providing safe, successful and inspiring outings for all levels of ability and experience.

Our Guides are all professional climbers trained to guide and instruct using the best industry practices for safety and enjoyment.

The Black Cuillin range is the most complex and technical mountain environment in the British Isles, with a history of guiding dating back to the early 1800s. Ropes are used on all but the very easiest of the 22 peaks.



Sea-cliff climbing


Alpine winter outings with the sea beneath us


The Basteir Tooth and Am Basteir. Hung Drawn and Quartered takes the multi-tiered straight fault. It is one of our most prized and hardest winter climbs at grade VIII, 8


The Inaccessible Pinnacle


Winter sunset